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Tag: eggs

breakfast quesadillas

 Some of my absolute favorite foods are of the Mexican and Tex-Mex varieties. So many different fresh flavors and textures and spices – and so versatile! Put anything between flour tortillas and smother it in cheese, and I am one happy camper. This morning I woke up craving pico de gallo. I knew it probably…

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spinach, bacon, and cheddar egg muffins

You heard that right – another savory recipe on Long Bake the Queen! And what a savory recipe – half an hour on a Sunday afternoon will save you precious time on hectic weekday mornings. I am an egg person. I love poached, scrambled, and soft-boiled eggs. I love fried eggs on my burgers, chopped eggs…

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dark chocolate pecan turnovers

I have never been the biggest pecan fan, but the last couple weeks have slowly converted me. I think it might be me wanting to embrace everything reminiscent of fall. And I’m cool with that. Pecans, I’ve realized, have a wonderful little buttery crisp when you bite into them, so I’ve eased into the whole…

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