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Hi, I’m Houria. For me, baking isn’t just about following recipes—it’s about creating moments of joy and sharing them with others. This love for baking and a knack for storytelling is what inspired me to start “Long Bake The Queen.”

Welcome to my royal bakery court online, where I share my most treasured baking recipes, tips, and tales from the kitchen!

My journey into the world of baking began in my grandmother’s kitchen, where the magic of turning simple ingredients into extraordinary treats captivated me. As I grew, so did my passion for baking, alongside a budding interest in photography. Capturing the beauty of my culinary creations became a new form of expression, allowing me to share not just the taste but the visual allure of my dishes.

In 2021, driven by a desire to connect with fellow baking enthusiasts and chronicle my culinary adventures, “Long Bake The Queen” was born. This blog is my heart laid out on a platter, offering a mix of classic recipes, innovative twists, and personal stories from my kitchen to yours.

Currently calling the vibrant city of New York my home, I draw inspiration from its bustling food scene, incorporating flavors and techniques from around the world into my baking. Whether it’s mastering the art of French patisserie or exploring the rich, comforting bakes of Eastern Europe, my blog is a testament to the universal language of good food.

I hope “Long Bake The Queen” becomes your go-to source for all things baking—where each recipe is a little piece of my kitchen kingdom shared with you. May you find inspiration, delight, and maybe a sprinkle of royal magic in every bite.

Happy Baking,