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Tag: Christmas

oreo truffles

Introducing the cutest treats ever made on Long Bake the Queen. And the easiest. No, seriously – I am embarrassed to post this as a recipe because these decadent Oreo truffles are the ridiculously easy to make. Two ingredients, no-bake, and all you need is a food processor (or a Ziploc bag and a rolling pin!) and your hands!…

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candy cane-filled chocolate cookie sandwiches

 Yup. This right here will become one of those holiday cookies everyone will request every year until the end of time. What’s not to love? Two soft and chewy, intensely fudgy cookies sandwich a thick layer of fluffy vanilla frosting that has been spiked with candy cane dust. That bowl up there? Take out all…

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dark molasses gingerbread cupcakes

We had a holiday potluck party yesterday at my internship. Think, dozens of mental health care providers surrounded by obscene amounts of delicious food, Christmas carols, and lots of sugar. I mean, how were we supposed to go off and see clients when all I wanted to do was relish in my food coma? Everything…

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