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Tag: Butter

mardi gras king cake

Mardi Gras is fast approaching, and here in Louisiana, there has been nothing but king cake everywhere! Not that I’m complaining one bit. King cake, if you’ve never had it, is more of a bread or cinnamon-roll-type dough that is wrapped around in a ring and filled with sweet cream cheese, cinnamon, or fruit filling.…

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lemon-sugared lavender shortbread cookies

Happy 2014, everyone! Didja miss me? I went home to see my family in Lebanon – it was fun, and really Christmas-y. I needed the break, but I am glad to be back to you guys and my little kitchen! Kicking off this year is a very simple recipe featuring part of my BFF’s mom’s…

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peanut butter chocolate dream bars

Yes, dream bars. So dreamy, in fact, that more than one person has dubbed these “the best thing I’ve ever eaten.” So dreamy, I tell you, that for his birthday last year, the manfriend said he wanted these instead of birthday cake. And so dreamy, I challenge you to have just one. Seriously, you’ll have…

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