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Month: March 2014

reese’s-stuffed dark chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting

I realize that it has been one week since I’ve made these cupcakes and I am just now sharing the recipe. Y’all…I apologize for withholding the sheer ohmygodwhycan’twestopeatingtheselongenoughtobreathe that is these cupcakes. My sister visited me last weekend and her one request was a cupcake of the chocolate-peanut butter variety. Let this recipe end your hunt for…

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roasted veggie and chicken sausage whole wheat pizza

 I have yet to meet a single person who doesn’t like pizza. If you’re out there, show yourself. And provide me with an explanation as to why you…don’t like pizza. Glorious pizza, with a chewy-crispy crust and gooey cheese and tangy sauce and, yeah. Explanation. When people ask, “What’s the food you would pick if…

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chocolate-irish stout cupcakes with baileys buttercream

 Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I hope your weekend has been filled with good music, great food, and whatever drink makes you laugh a little harder. To do my part in the feeding-other-people-delicious-things department, I made these delicious cupcakes for a St. Patrick’s Day parade party I was at today. And yes – there is alcohol…

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whole wheat cinnamon vanilla waffles

The weekend is almost over (womp womppp), but it has been one full of friends, errands, and delicious food. What more could a girl ask for? This morning, I whipped up some super-healthy whole wheat cinnamon vanilla waffles before I spent some time at the dog park and had lunch with my good friend Garrett.…

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flourless chocolate torte

Mardi Gras weekend is upon us! I went to the Spanish Town parade today in Baton Rouge and caught more beads than could fit around my neck. Tomorrow and Monday will be spent in New Orleans – I am really excited, since this is my first Mardi Gras in wonderful Louisiana. But, enough about that…

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